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Extrudakerb (Maltby Engineering) Limited are a company that specialise in the design and construction of slipform concrete (concrete safety barrier and concrete drainage systems) and extruded asphalt kerbing products (asphalt kerbing systems). Our policy is to exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and safety on every contract we undertake. We provide a working environment for all our employee’s which is both safe and secure. Employees are encouraged to develop through innovation and a program of internal and external training.

The beginning

Maltby Engineering Company was founded in the early 1970's arising from the demands of the Contractors who were at the time constructing what was then the new M18 & M1 motorways. Initially repairing and maintaining all types of major construction equipment from his small workshop, the Groups founder Arnie Charlesworth's inventive mind was intrigued by the asphalt kerbing machine to which he was constantly called out to repair. He quickly realised the modifications that could be made to this small machine to improve efficiency and performance and from this he built his own version of the kerbing machine. His early extrusion machines were built for sale. However, very quickly the opportunity to carry out the kerb extrusion works on behalf of the main project contractor arose.

Expansion of extruded asphalt kerb

Expansion forced the company to move from it's original site at Maltby to a new development at Denaby some 10 miles away and a separate sub-contract construction company, Extrudakerb (Maltby Engineering) Limited was founded in 1977. The company grew from strength to strength and soon almost all major contractors and asphalt surfacing companies had mothballed their own extrusion machines and elected to employ Extrudakerb as a specialist sub-contractor. Now, for more than 30 years extruded asphalt kerb has been the most prolific type of kerb along the UK’s motorway and trunk road network. Virtually maintenance-free, it is the kerb system of choice for the majority of our principal national clients, designers and contractors.

Introducing slipform concrete

In 1989 an enquiry was received for the "extrusion" of some 14km of concrete kerb from an existing asphalt kerbing customer who thought that the asphalt kerbing machine could be simply modified to accommodate concrete kerb. This was not the case but the entrepreneurial Arnie Charlesworth knew of the existence of slipform kerbing machines in the United States of America. He boarded a plane and within a week had ordered the company's first slipform paver. The machine arrived and was put to work slipforming a guide rail for a conventional fixed form concrete road train on one of the five sections of the M40 motorway extension from Birmingham to Oxford. Business developed and similar and larger slipform paving machines were purchased. The company became and remains the largest specialist slipform paving company in the United Kingdom. Extrudakerb’s own fabrication division supports all on site construction operations and produces bespoke moulds and other associated equipment to meet the customer’s exact requirements. Slipform concrete pavers are used to undertake a variety of sub-contract works including the construction of concrete barrier, concrete drainage channel, concrete slot drain and concrete slab paving.


Aside from Extrudakerb's construction activities Maltby Engineering Company holds many Patents for specialist road making equipment including the latest generation asphalt kerbing machine and slot drain designs.

International Expansion

The company now works outside the U.K. with successful projects completed in Ireland, France and Malta. Offices have been opened in Gdansk, Poland from where Extrudakerb operate with a local workforce focused upon the needs of this up and coming new marketplace. Extrudakerb have lately introduced steel safety barrier systems into the portfolio of services offered providing customers with a unique one stop shop for all barrier and drainage solutions. Many of the original staff that worked with Arnie Charlesworth in the early days still work today in the group. Staff recruitment and retention remain a high priority for the company.

Proud of our founding principles

The self same principles that originally inspired and motivated Arnie Charlesworth some 35 years ago remain as firm as ever in the minds of the Extrudakerb Management team. The desire to satisfy and exceed customer demands through innovation and hard work; to put quality, service and safety ahead of profitability and to ensure good lines of communication with our customers and members of our staff to maintain a safe and contented workplace.

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